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Web Designer and Photographer

My name is Max and I am currently finishing up my final year at Bowling Green State University. Born in Cleveland Ohio, my mom a food stylist, my dad a commercial photographer, I grew up learning how to capture the beauty of life. Growing up in Cleveland I was surrounded by a lot of different environments. I was blessed to have a family that appreciated and enjoyed exploring the amazing  mountain ranges, lakes and industries around us, all while learning from my father how to photograph and create a scene that spoke to the viewer.  As a VCT (Visual Communications Technology) major at BGSU, I have focused on developing my skills in the photography and web development and design fields, while also having a background in commercial scale print production. I aim to photograph the world around me in a simplistic fashion, and hope that others can appreciate the work I create. I enjoy exercising, going on adventures and traveling, the company of my friends and family, and taking time for my photography and web work.


Web development and design is also a passion of mine, and has been a main focus for me at BGSU. I think the web is the most powerful tool we have in modern day, and learning how to create something that hundreds can experience by the click of a link is great. Currently, I have designed and developed five websites, and am working with multiple clients in 2018 developing new sites. I am fluent in basic HTML & CSS, PHP, and some Java . I also have a great understanding of CMS, WordPress and Adobe Muse software.


I have worked in multiple studios in the Cleveland area, ranging from photography and CGI studios as well as video and audio recording studios. For a complete list of my experience and skills, you can view my resume here.




Max Karslake



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